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Beautiful Skin Starts With Proper Care

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Irritated, patchy or dry skin can be frustrating to live with, especially if it makes you uncomfortable throughout most of the day. Treat your skin to the care it deserves.

Xenia Scrubs and Salts makes soothing, refreshing and healing skin care products for all areas of your body. From your face to your feet, we have balms, salves and scrubs just for you.

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100% natural ingredients

Be more mindful about what you put on your body. Instead of highly-perfumed lotions and balms with too much alcohol, try our all-natural skin care:

  • Oils: coconut, olive, almond and grape seed
  • Salts: lavender, calendula and chamomile flowers
  • Salves: infused oils, calendula and chamomile
  • Steamers: eucalyptus, chamomile and rose
We make everything by hand and can come up with specialty concoctions to help different skin conditions you're fighting.