These products are AMAZING! I have dry, sensitive skin and finding skin care products that don't irritate my skin is so difficult. The scrub and oil keep me hydrated and they smell SO good. I can't wait to try more flavors!!

Kyla S.

I have been using the Rose scrub along with the Rose water and I love love love it. I see a big change in my skin and that's the change I been wanting. So if you haven't tried the scrubs or spray please I recommend that you do.

Trickytah V.

Nice product, great pricing.

Evelyn N.

These bath salts leave my skin feeling so soft and silky. I absolutely love these. I will be getting a lot more..

Amber W.

I'm in love with the rose oil. i will definitely be purchasing it again.

Sad'e Nicole Baker J.

I have tried body scrubs and the yoni bundle and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Sis is really good at what she does and the product are really natural. I have sensitive skins and I have not had a problem. needless to say I'm a repeat customer and I will continue to purchase my products from her.

Raquel P.

This is amazing. I've been going to the gym a lot and the rose petal bat​h salt was amazing and extremely relaxing! I would recommend it especially if you have sore muscles and need some TLC!!

Portia P.

Pricing totally isn't bad for the quality of the product. I'll definitely buy again.

Tamara M.

I'm in love with the rose oil. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

Nicole J.

Xenia Smith GIRL. I could literally eat this whole jar of blueberry muffin scrub. I put it on my lips and was so disappointed when I found out that TAASTES SO YUMMY, because now I can't stop putting it on. Y'all, fr GO BUY SOME. I've ordered five jars and still want more.

Windi T.

If you're looking for a great exfoliator that not only smells great but enhances your appearance, you've come to the right place!! I recommend the Autumn Spice!!!

Tyrese W.

I have been using Xenia's scrubs and salts a year now and I love anything roses. Her Rose water, Rose oil, and Infused Rose oil are my favorites. I definitely 5 star her products! Try them, you'll agree! Keep up the great work Xenia! God bless you!

Evelyn W.

I started using the Yoni Herb mix in my steamer and the difference I feel is amazing. I'm a cancer patient and I was having pelvis pain and vaginal discomfort, so I decided to try the Yoni herbs an thank God I did. I don't have the pelvis pain and discomfort anymore and being that it's natural it don't interact with my meds I take. Thanks Xenia for the great products.

Melissa V.

I keep hearing about how Xenia's products are so good it makes me want buy it all!

Kevin K.

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